About us

“It’s not a proper roleplaying session without at least 2 Monty Python references…”

–Anonymous DM

Who We Are

We started out of a love of gaming and a passion for the community that plays them. We strive to deliver a great experience to our customers and the gaming community as a whole. We have a mission to provide what gamers need to enjoy the games we all love in a welcoming and energetic environment.

What We Do

Demolition Games Was Founded in November of 2014 by Daniel Gochnauer and Travis Clark. The Co-Founders of Demolition Games have both been playing games in one form or another for most of their lives and share a vision to make sure that love of gaming continues for more people for years to come. The shop features A large gaming space with plenty of room for large groups or small family gaming. There is great art on the walls painted by local artists. The staff is friendly and always willing to assist in anyway possible.

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Number of Games Sold

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Co-Founder Demolition Games

Hey guys my name is Travis and I’m an addict…Wait wrong bio. I enjoy playing all kinds of games my main focus is on miniatures like Warmachine/Hordes and X-wing. I love meeting new gamers and sharing my love for our hobby. If you ever see me in the shop please feel free to come Geek out with me.


Co-Founder Demolition Games

A gamer from his early teens, he plays board games, multiple RPG’s (table top and electronic) as well as multiple miniature games. Warmachine/Hordes and Exalted are his favorites.


Amara is a friendly person who loves playing games of all type. Always willing to learn new games she has found many new things at Demolition Games, such as Warmachine and Hordes, Arkham Horror, and many other games that the shop has introduced her too. In her time she is not working in the shop she is usually hanging around to play games or have conversations about a multitude of subjects.


Daniel was raised in the wild highlands of Northern Virginia before his exodus westward. Upon reaching Utah, he declared that this land was good and decided to end his travels there (really, he was just sick of driving). It was there that he found his true passion in tabletop games of all kinds. Recently he was found worthy of Demolition Games employment, and now manages the Magic the Gathering events and the new tabletop miniatures game Guild Ball. In addition, he has a derth of experience with several boardgames and RPGs, and can carry on conversations about Iron Kingdoms lore for days.


My name’s Edison and I like long walks through dragon infested dungeons. Okay to be serious I’ve been playing table top games since junior high. I play magic the gathering, heroclix, munchkin, most recently dice masters. I do mainly the behind the scenes work and conventions. You won’t see me to much when you come in but I’m always there in spirit.


My name is Kassie I am 17 and attend Taylorsville High School. Some of my favorite activities and things I am involved in in school include: cheer, orchestra, debate, and shooting. I have three little sisters and I love to drive my 1997 GMC which my little sisters call red lighting. My top three games are Sheriff of Nottingham, Splendor, and Greedy Hands. I also really like King of Tokyo and Batman Love Letter.